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Gem Lake

Hi! You've arrived at Gem Lake, the gateway to the pages of the various characters in the legend of the Magic Knight Rayearth. The three knights have seperate shrines dedicated to them. Other characters will be grouped by their country. I hope you will understand the people of the legend better. If you have any suggestions or comments, just click here. I will try to apply your suggestions the next time I update. Enjoy!

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Hikaru Shidou/Fire Knight Shrine of the Ruby Flame
Fuu Hououji/Wind Knight Shrine of the Emerald Winds
Umi Ryuzaki/Water Knight Shrine of the Saphhire Sea-Blossom
The People of Cephiro 1 Land Where Your Will Determines Everything
The People of Cephiro 2 Land Where Your Will Determinese Everything 2
The People of Autozam Land of Technology
The People of Faren Land of Illusions
The People of Chizeta The Arabian Land
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