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The Shrine of the Ruby

Konnichiwa! You've arrived at the Shrine of the Ruby Flames. This shrine is dedicated to the strong-willed, happy-go-lucky, and cute fire knight, Hikaru!! We are the the spirits that guard the shrine. Don't be afraid, we don't bite.(giggle) We are extremely fond of our ward, Hikaru. She is one the most wonderful humans we have ever met.(and we've met many)

We guess you would want info, ne? Well, here you go!!(giggle....)

Grade 8
Favorite Food Ice Cream
Least Fav. Food All things spicy
Favorite Subject Biology
Least Fav. Subject Music
Hobby Playing with her dog, Hikari
Favorite Color Red
Extra curricular Kendo
Date of Birth August 8th
Blood Type O
Zodiac Leo
Family Mother, 3 older-brothers, a father who went away when Hikaru was really young to become a better fighter

Today we have the Lady of the Garden and her assistant Amber with us. They will tell you more about our beloved little fire knight, Hika-chan. Oh, and Amber is a pessimist, ignore all of her rude remarks. *hey whatcha talkin' about. You better not be atalking' about moi, you hear. Now take that! Whack! Hey get your @$$ over here... * Ahem, sorry about that. Now on with the show. Enjoy...

Lilianatha: Amber, darling where are you?? Come out, come out wherever you are... That girl! She must be chasing the spirits, again. Ah well, I shall not wait for her any longer. I pretty sure you want to know all the Shidou Hikaru. Now where should I start?
Spirits: How about your opinion, divine and august Lady.
Lilianatha: Why, thank you. By the way, do you know where Amber is?
Spirits: Of course. We left her locked in a closet(giggle.)
Lilianatha: I do hope she is not annoying you.
Spirits: No, no, divine Lady, not at all(yeah right.)Please start telling us about Hikaru.
Lilianatha: I should be doing that. Well, in my opinion, Hikaru is a wonderful knight. She is one of a kind person. Indeed you do not find many that is as innocent as she. Nor can you find many with her sense of honor, friendship and courage. When Larfarga was battling her in the Holy Shrine, her main concern had always been her friend. Even when her own life was at stake she kept on worrying about her friends' safety, not her own.
Spirits: Yes, yes. Hika-chan is adorable and wonderful. That's why we like her. Yes, yes...
Lilianatha: Like her name, "light of the lion shrine", she had always been the light that lit the way. Hikaru also has the courage of a lion. She would not back down. She also has knack for communicating with animals, such as Mokana. Though we later found out that Mokana only communicated with Hikaru because she was a likely candidate for pillarship. Oh, 'tis a sad thing.
Spirits: Ay, Ay, Ay... So sad, so sad...
Amber: Yes! Hahaha! I got out! Finally I'm out of that stinking closet! Hahahahaha! You fools didn't think I would make it, did you? Well you were wrong! Hahahahahahahaha! I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-
Lilianatha: Amber, such shocking behavior! Stop or I'll do worse things to you than locking you up in a closet. Did you know you just interupted a wonderful discussion about Shidou-san?
Amber: Ha! Who cares about that little red-head?(snicker) She's sooooooo useless.
Lilianatha: Whack! Smack! Slap! Get back into that closet and don't come out until I tell you to.(hear the spirits cheer!) I am sincerly sorry for that interruption. Now I don't remember where I left off. Oh yes, something about Mokana and the pillarship. Let's not dwell on the sad moment. Hikaru is one of the shortest member of the knights. Yes, in fact Umi mistook her to be a 4th grader. Even though the fire knight is vertically challenged she still can jump up very high. Plus the fact that she has a smile for everyone makes up for her height. Inside Hikaru is a brilliant flame that will never dim. Whenever there is a cloudy day, Hikaru and her smile will cheer you up.
Spirits: Ooooooooooooh.......So woooooooooondeeeeeeeeerfuuuuuuuuuul...
Spirits: EEEEEEEEEEEEk! The time, the time, look at the time...
Lilianatha: Oh, we're out of time. Too bad. I'll come back next time.
Spirits: Yeah! Be here or be square! Tootles...
Lilianatha: Ciao! Sayonara! Valve and valvete! Bye!!!!!!!
Amber: Hey! Can I come out now?? Hello? Anyone? C'mon...The closet isn't all that comfortable, you know! People, work with me here...

Run, run!! Eeeeek! Ghosts...

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