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The Reading Glass

This is the Reading Glass, a special room in which you can find out about the legend of the Magic Knight. Come and enjoy the story.

You find a gold-trimmed book sitting on an old carved wooden table. You picked up the book and looked at the cover, in golden letters it said "The Legend of the Magic Knight Rayearth". Curious, you open the book and started reading the first page.

This is a condensed version of the legend. There are other books that are more detailed, more poetic, more lovely, but this book is unique in it's own way. It will bring the legend to you. You may stop* reading or continue on... The choice is yours...

I shall not say it happened once a upon a time in a kingdom far away or that when the legend ended everyone lived happily ever after, because it isn't true. I shall not say that this legend is dark, though it could be classified as a tragedy. It is not a happy story, but it is one that teaches mankind about themselves. This story is about honor and frienship. It's a test of understanding. It is about 3 girls who fell into another world as clueless teens and left as mature adults...
So let the story commence NOW**.

* This will take you to the quick introduction with no spoilers.
** This will take you to the elongated version. It is by no means as detailed as a translation. It just gives you the major details. Hehe. Get the manga if you want details. Also don't expect pix.

This train is bound for the main page, this train...
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