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On the other side of the wall...

Traveler, you have the reached the interior of the garden. The garden is filled with wonders of MAGIC. What magic, you ask. Why, it's the magic of love that goes on into death. Magic of friendship that bonds all races and people together. And the magic of a duty and love to a land that one would sacrifice one's life and happiness for that world.

Traveler, you have come to the garden of Rayearth. This is a garden that is spun out of the legendary tale of Magic Knights. A place that units people all over the world with one single object, the love and devotion of Magic Knights Rayearth.

For all that are new to these wonderful world of Magic Knights, I, Lilianatha, lady of this garden, will tell you a bit about this world.

Three young girls(they are shown above) form the world called earth was called together to save a world and the princess. The world was Cephiro, where your will determines everything. Each girl had to handle the responsibility thrusted upon. With that responsibility came the wielding the magic of Magic Knights and new knowledge. The girls were able to use this magic to overcome the obstacles of their mission. The knowledge they learned changed their life, their view on the world, and the lost their carefree, innocent views. Because with the magic they learned, they killed the princess they were trying to save and were beginning to love. From that they learned the painful truth about life: all things are not black and white.

Traveler, that is only a short version of the legendary tragedy. There is much in the tale, so much more. If you wish to learn more about the tale, visit one the sections of the garden below.

Hi! This the Lady Lilianatha speaking. I have the introduction to MKR1 up. It's in book form and it's 7 pages long! All I have to do now is to finish the non-spoilers page. I've finished with Cephiro and the knights(kind of) so now I'm moving on to Autozam. Yum! And guess what? The YKYAOWMKR page is up. I just need more suggestions. You guys have to help. Soon, I'll run out ideas for it and you don't want that do you? So send 'em in! Also, if you send any links, I'll add it too, but only if it is suited for all ages. That means nothing ecchi, ok? I want no hentai/lemon links on my page. There's also plan for a fanart and fanfiction page, but I don't know whether if I'll have enough space or if anybody would bother to send 'em in! If you want to see my fanart, you're going to have to wait for a long time, 'cause I haven't got a scanner yet. I do hope to get one for Christmas. That's all folks. Sayonara.

If you have any suggestions for YKYAOWMKRW(you know you are obsessed with MKR) please email me. I lost all suggestions and comments for my first YKYWTMMKRW when I moved out of my first page. If you have anything, tell me. Also, send in any fanart and links you want, but they got to be non-hentai. I'll put 'em up with the proper credits. Thanks.

Here are the pathway to other parts of the garden. Have fun! Hope to see you somewhere soon!!

Gem Lake The page of our beloved(and not so) characters
Sweet Lily River Pathway to some of the greatest places on the web
The Silver Forest Da place where the webrings ran off to
The Reading Glass The Legend of Magic Knight Rayearth
The L-files Things about the Lilianatha
Bluebell Theaters You know you are obsessed with MKR...

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