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The Side of Light

This room is for those that helped the Magic Knights in their quest to save Cephiro*. For without the aid of these people, the Magic Knights would not have succeeded. These people provided the Knights with courage, knowledge, etc. They, along with the Knights, saved the Cephiro...

* - Most people would think that the Knights were off to save the pillar, but if you have read the manga throughly, you'll find that they were actually saving Cephiro. Read my introduction to MKR if you want to know why it is so.


the pillar The Pillar of Cephiro: Esmeraude

Cephiro's government is the pillarship. The Pillarship is like the monarchy, with the pillar as the queen or king. The pillar is chosen by her amount of willpower, because the pillar that supports Cefiro with the power of her Prayer. Cefiro reflects exactly what is going on within the Pillar's Heart. So, you could say that Cephiro is just manifestation of the Pillar's emotions.

Princess Esmeraude was Pillar when the Magic Knights arrived. It was she who summoned them to help Cephiro and rescue her. During the adventure, the Magic Knights encounter several monsters. These monsters are created because Princess Esmeraude could not pray for the peace and stability of Cefiro. Without her prayer these monsters create confusion and wars thoughout the land.
Although younger than Guru Clef(he's 745 years old), she is pretty old(duh!). Nevertheless, the Princess looks like a young girl. Princess Esmeraude's hair is really long. I say this because I've never seen anybody with hair that is longer than hers. Well, ok. Maybe Princess Serenity's... Anyway, some people thinks that is because she is kneeling most of times, but I still stick with my opinion. She seems to be trapped in a lily in most pictures.


Guru Clef Cephiro's Supreme Yil: Clef

Cephiro is a world of magic, so not surprisingly it should have magicians, sorcerers, etc. And among all those magic users there should be someone who is knows all magic, someone with centuries of experience and someone who is *old*. Well, look to the right and you'll see the man who is Supreme Yil of Cephiro. Surprised? Don't be. Appearances are decieving. That guy is called Clef, Guru Clef. So you ask what is that short guy capable of? He's little kid! Wrong! Clef is approximately 745 years old. He just likes to take the form of young child. He is very powerful.

Clef provides people with magic and teaches them how to use that magic. He's trained Lantis, who is the only Kailu(magic swordsman) of Cephiro and ex-bodyguard of the Princess Esmeraude. He's trained the Sol Zagato, who kidnapped Princess Esmeraude. And he's trained Alcione, etc. He had promised Princess Emeraude to help lead those from another world to become the Magic Knights and he did. He gave the girls magic and the armor they needed for the quest. He also taught them how to use their magic with spells. Clef is really fond of the Kights, but resents the fact that Umi does not take him seriously and thinks him old.

Clef has light purple hair and blue eyes. He likes silence and hates any kind of rowdiness. He also likes to take walks and talk with seijyus(spirit beasts, e.g. Fuyla). Clef has a extremely short temper.


Pharle Presea, does anyone have a better picture?? Cephiro's Supreme Pharle: Presea

Whenever there's a quest, there's lot's of fuss about armor and weapons and such. So of course a weaponmaster would be a friend of the Magic Knights, ne? Presea, the woman on the left is that weaponmaster. Guess what? She's not only a weaponmaster, she's the supreme weaponmaster of all Cephiro or Pharle. Only the supreme Pharle can make weapons out of the legendary mineral Eskudo. Presea's weapons are made for only that one person. She has a whole spare room filled with weapons for rent. This was where the weapons chose the Magic Knights when they didn't have any material of their own. And the weapons do chose their own owner. This enables the owner to have complete control over his skills and talents, because the weapon fits the owner in every way.

Presea is tall with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Her favorite food is Bui-Teck(huh?) and her least favorite thing is a messy room. Her hobby is to torture anyone who annoys her and messes up her room! Presea is constantly being pestered by Mokona. Mokana would constantly wreck havoc in her house. In her spare time, Presea developes traps to catch Mokona and ways to punish him when he's caught ("Should I stretch out your ears, to see how far they can go?"). Upon first meeting the girls, she thinks they're houligans, come to mess up her room. After the little misunderstanding cleared up, they were all good buddies. Especially when Hikaru gave Presea that piece of candy;)


He's supposed to be cute, but this is a really bad picture of him... The Prince of Cephiro: Ferio

At first Ferio was a mysterious shounen(teenage boy) that appears at the Forest of Silence. (Although the actual age may be different from how old they appear to be in Cefiro.) He is a very good swordsman and was the Knight's body guard in the Forest of Silence. He uses a sword that is about as big as his own height (really!).

Ferio has green hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his left cheek and one accross the bridge of his nose. His favorite thing is sleep and his least favorite is the lack of sleep(geesh!). Guess what his hobby is? Correct! NAPS!!;) Ferio is a naturally charming young man. He seems quite taken with Fuu at first glance despite her initial distrust of him, and proceeds to sweep her off her feet. A competent and self-assured young man, he seems lonely at times...


The Magic Knights finds out that Ferio is the Prince upon their return to Cephiro. The girls were quite shocked and afraid because they killed his sister(guess who?). But Ferio said that he was happy for his sister because she can finally be with the man she loves and pray for him, thus making herself happy...


Isn't Mokana the fluffiest, cutest, widdle thing? MOKANA

Nothing much is known of this cute white creature during the first trip. Mokana was a companion that the knights picked up at Presea's. Mokana looks like a marshmallow and has a jewel stuck on his head. He is constantly happy and bubbly(like champane:)). Mokana provided the girls with food, shelter, machines, etc. during the quest. He also lead the girls out of the Forest of Silence and to the Mashins' shrines.

Mokana has no siblings and does not eat. He was given to Clef by Princess Esmeraude and was then given to Presea, whom he constantly pestered. He is scared of Presea and Umi, because they want to kill him(Umi wants to make him into dessert and Presea wants torture him).


When the Magic Knights return to Cephiro, Mokana is revealed as the CREATOR of CEPHIRO, AUTOZAM, FAREN, CHIZETA, and last, but not least EARTH!!!!


More to come. See you soon.

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