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Sweet Lily River or the


Pathway to all the other great pages on the world wide web!!

Leaving so soon? Is the garden a bit boring to you?(zzzzzzzzzzzzz...)


Well, here are some spectacular pathways you can travel. Hope you find Sweet Lily River comfie. Enjoy!!


Magic Knight Rayearth Pages

Cephiro: Where your will determines everything - a must visit page!! Beautiful fanart and layout. Must visit!!!
Primera's Magic Knight Rayearth Page - Ranked near the top of my favorite pages. She has lots and lots of artwork done by CLAMP. There's also lotsa info!!
The Viridian Zephyr: A Fuu Shrine - LOVELY!! Did I say lovely? Yup, I did. Oh well, I 'll say it again, LOVELY. This page is near perfection!! Visit her other shrines too!!! There's one to Mizuno Ami, Kaioh Michiru, and someone else...
Kailu Lantis and the the men of Cephiro - Nice name, ne? This link talks about the men of Cephiro and their love lives. Interesting, ne?
Souryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings

Shannon's Souryuden Page - She writes lovely fanfics. Also get ready for lotsa romance and action!
Card Captor Sakura

Cosmic Rendezvous - This is nice place to get info on Card Captor Sakura.

Clover - There isn't alot of Clover pages out there. This is the only I can find...
Rg Veda

Aestheticism - This is certainly the best Rg Veda page out on the web. Hail Aestheticism!!

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Look! Look! Here's the page where I got most of my graphics.
Moyra's Web Jewels

Do not, I tell you do not steal from this page. Want the set of graphics? Go to Moyra's and do it in the proper way. Steal, and you'll pay dearly!