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The Shrine of the Emerald


small fuu

This is the shrine dedicated to Fuu Hououji, the wind knight. Can't you feel the cool, fresh breeze?

Anyways, I'm Amber, the caretaker of this shrine.(Lilianatha can't do all the work by herself, you know.) I'll be adding new things to the shrine. Once I get the shrine under workable condition, I'll be updating every 2 month. There won't be an image gallery dedicated to Fuu. There's whole lot of other pages dedicated to that. Besides, CLAMP doesn't like it. I'm doing enough with the scattered pix. In fact, if you have fanart and you want them displayed, please tell me.
Now on with the show.


fuu in armor
pretty fuu

Grade 8
Favorite Food Tessa(Blowfish)
Least Fav. Food Anything that doesn't taste good
Favorite Subject Math
Least Fav. Subject Art
Hobby Reading
Specialty Commuter Programming
Favorite Color Green
Extra curricular Archery
Date of Birth December 12
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sagittarius
Family Mother, Father, Older Sister

school uniform first armor Lilianatha: Fuu is a really a nice girl.
Amber: Lilian, you're here!!
Lilianatha: Of course. How could I miss this?
Amber: Uhhhhh......hmmm...... Never mind. Anyway we're here discuss Fuu.
Lilianatha: Yes. We're going to discuss every aspect of Fuu. Her bad parts and good.
Amber: Fuu doesn't really have any real good parts, don't you think? If you overlook the part that she's boy-shy, a bookworm-
Lilianatha: Whoa! Hold it, sis. Fuu is not a complete bookworm. CLAMP haven't really implied that Fuu's a bookworm. They just said that Fuu is intellegient. Now, Ami Mizuno is a bookworm.
Amber: We're not here to talk about Ami. Let me continue. Let's see, where was I? Hm... Yup! I was right here. If you overlook the part that she's boy-shy, a bookworm, a wallflower, a smart-alec, extremely polite, wierd sense of humor...
Lilianatha:(sniff)Half of that isn't even right, Amber. You must get your facts right. It almost sound like you're describing Ami Mizuno. Fuu-chan is not a wallflower. She does not have a wierd sense of humor-
Amber: Oh really? What do you say about the time when they where traveling up the floating moutain. I think that she said something like this: "Don't worry, guys. If we fall off the mountain, we won't have time to realize that we're dead. We would have halos on our heads before we feel impact." HAHAHA!(sticks out tongue)
Lilianatha: That is just another example of her sense of logic. (humph)
Amber: Admit it, sis. You kown she has a wierd sense of humor.
Liliantha: To you maybe, but to me no. As I said before Fuu-chan is not a wallflower. I believe she was kissed by a very nice young man. They were quite in love by my standards. In case your memory failed you, the young man is Pillar Emeraude's younger brother, Prince Ferio. He has many fans, you know.
Amber:Well, ok. So Fuu has Ferio. But they're not really dating. They just like each other.
Lilianatha: They like each other quite well. Ferio would do anything for Fuu. They are a very cute couple.
Amber: You like everything that's color coordinated.
Lilianatha: Of course not. Fuu and Ferio suits each other. Fuu's quiet and skilled with her brain; Ferio is loud and a skilled swordsman.
Amber: Plus the fact that he sleeps *alot*.
Lilianatha: Well, that can't be helped. Almost all men is the CLAMP world likes to sleep. And I haven't finished. Anyways, Fuu has gold hair and green eyes and Ferio has green hair and gold eyes. See? They match.
Amber: Whatever. You can't deny that Fuu is extremely polite. Too polite. She calls everyone -sans. Mokana-san, Hikaru-san, etc.
Lilianatha: What's wrong in being polite? Good never harms anyone.
Amber: And so they say. But it's super annoying. I don't like it.
Lilianatha: You don't have to like.
Amber: I also think that Fuu is stuck up.
Lilianatha: She is not.
Amber: Of course she is.
Lilianatha: The only time she talked about herself is when she was battling her mirror. She said that she would take care of herself so that she could make her loved ones happy. That if she died or was injured, she would make her loved ones sad. So she would continue to push herself hard in her studies and would do her utmost to take care of herself.
Amber: Humph. We'll talk about Fuu's family then.
Lilianatha: What's wrong with Fuu's family?
Amber: I think they're over protective.
Lilianatha: What family isn't? It's perfectly normal. Fuu's sister is very caring.
Amber: It was wrong of her to ask for cakes when Fuu was going to Tokyo Tower.
Lilianatha: She didn't ask, Fuu offered to get her something. There is a difference in that.
Amber: Humph. Well, it seems that Fuu is just Miss Perfect.
Lilianatha: No. No one is perfect, but Fuu's close.
Lilianatha: I guess we better get going. We will update soon. Bye-bye! Sayonara! Valve! Ciao! Ja ne! See you soon!!!! Run for your lives! There's a mad Amber loose!


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